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Making the complex feel simple; that’s my primary goal for the clients that I advise. I’ve been in the industry since 2006, which has given me some very interesting and challenging market cycles to navigate with investors. I specialize in personalized retirement planning & investment advice. My experience allows me to work through complex financial situations on behalf of my clients.

I grew up in a football family, which taught me many life lessons. I played football at the University of Northern Colorado and my dad spent 3 decades as a player& coach in the NFL. I live in Parker, CO with my wife & two teenage sons. Our free time is spent playing/watching/coaching sports along with travelling to new places.

We're established & personable.
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How We Invest
Not all investment firms are the same. Here are some of the investment ideologies we believe & practice with clients:
Simple > Complex
Financial markets are complex, your investment strategy doesn't have to be
Consistent Communication
Whether the market is moving up or down, we engage with clients to iterate the strategy
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Evidence-Based Decisions
Analyzing market history & probabilities to better understanding investing in today's market
Globally Diversified
Investing outside of the United States creates a well-rounded portfolio strategy
Low Cost
Your returns shouldn't be eaten up by fees, and we aim to reduce the overall cost of investing
Tax-Efficient Focus
From account selection to investment choices, we consider the potential tax impact
The Long-Term Investor Mindset
Build wealth gradually; not get rich quickly. We're investors; not day traders. We accept short-term volatility in exchange for long-term growth.
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